[Return to hometown for a new start, Clara thanked you for MIW’s encouragement]

[Return to hometown for a new start, Clara thanked you for MIW’s encouragement]

18 years have passed since Clara left Hong Kong, but she made a very important decision and decided to return to her hometown and start a new life here. She has rich working experience, with a friendly and optimistic character which makes it easy for her to make friends. However, due to her complex reasons and background for returning to Hong Kong, she has encountered difficulties while looking for a job.

“It’s been half a year and I was only able to land 2 unstable part-time jobs, the salary is just enough for my living, but I know myself I am very lucky already as Hong Kong is facing a very difficult time. I met lots of good people who gave me valuable advice, especially the staff from MIW. They encouraged me a lot and cheered me up. I have full confidence, and I will put 100% effort in looking for an ideal career and start a new life in my hometown”. Clara wrote in a thank you letter to MIW .

Recently Clara joined a MIW job-hunting workshop, as she was interested in applying for a position as a Medical Escort. MIW staff discussed more details with her after the workshop and briefed her on some interview tips. 

Now, we are so proud and happy to announce that she got the job! Even though Clara is busier than before, she is enjoying her job and is full of hope in her new chapter !


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