[Keep fighting and overcome obstacles]

[Keep fighting and overcome obstacles]

PONG always carries a bright smile. He’s had many jobs such as delivery man, shop assistant, and most recently, a cleaner. However, since October he has been unable to find a new job. During this employment gap, PONG has worked hard to develop his skills by enrolling in a security guard course with the hope of finding a brand-new way forward in his career path. 

Even though he was eager to make a change, the path did not turn out as he wished. PONG joined MIW Interview Skills workshop. He enthusiastically practiced these new skills, sent out a lot of resumes, and went to interviews accompanied by MIW staff. Unfortunately, he found no success. Some employers doubted his level of experience, or sometimes PONG’s nervousness affected his chances. 

Fortunately, PONG’s optimistic outlook helped him to not to give up, but instead to overcome these difficulties. Finally, he was able to successfully land a job at an estate management company! PONG said: “I was at a disadvantage because I made a mistake at the very beginning of my career, but right now I can see that things are getting better!” 

Congratulations to PONG on his new career! We believe his courage will help him overcome any challenges and obstacles he might face in the future. He is an inspiring example of how hard work and determination pay off in the long run. We wish PONG a bright and wonderful future!


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