[From TAKE to GIVE]

[From TAKE to GIVE]

“Thank you! It is good to have you all!” When we hear a familiar voice saying thank you, we know Vincent is here at the centre.

Vincent was working abroad in IT. When he was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer he returned to HK for necessary rest and medical support. Soon the medical fees, cost of rent and living expenses began to add up, and his savings reduced, daily. Vincent’s rest soon morphed into significant financial pressure.

Luckily, Vincent met MIW in August. Through counseling sessions with staff and employment assistant services, he found new solutions and his financial burden began to be alleviated. Vincent is so thankful to have had the support from MIW during such difficult times.

Vincent eventually got a new job! The conditions match perfectly with Vincent, and he is eagerly looking forward to this new challenge. He now wishes to become an MIW volunteer and to help others in need. We welcome Vincent to the MIW family and wish Vincent all the best in his future endeavors! 

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