[When one door closes, another opens]

[When one door closes, another opens]

Turning your passion into your career is a goal for many of us, and that was what Ms. Poon achieved. Ms. Poon used to be a shipping clerk, but she always loved to dance. She trained herself and became a licensed dance tutor; dance came from being her weekend hobby to her full-time profession! Ms. Poon spent twenty years doing what she loves, however, the COVID Pandemic changed everything for her. Her dance classes were all over HK, but due to restrictions she was no longer able to teach, and she lost her access to a stable income. So, what happens when circumstances change, and you can no longer continue?


Despite facing such adversity, Ms. Poon continued to look forward and improve her skills. She joined the MIW Career Workshop and participated in our “Employee Retraining Board” courses. She also got to spend more time with her family: “My career was forced to take a pause, but that gave me a great chance and time for me to take care of my family, no regrets for that.” Her optimistic character and self-discipline is very admirable to us.


Recently, by referral from MIW, Ms. Poon became the “Community Ambassador” for the Career Programme of Supporting the Unemployed Women, initiated by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The programme aims at offering a short-term job opportunity to unemployed women whereby they distribute food and anti-virus packages to those more vulnerable. We know Ms. Poon will be wonderful at this and use her positive mindset and energy to inspire those she meets.


Picture source: HKCSS social media


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