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Thank you to the donors at the French Chamber Gala Dinner

This year’s Gala Dinner demonstrated the generosity of the French Chamber’s members and their guests. A number of fundraising initiatives took place resulting in HK$1.9 million being raised for the French Chamber Foundation. The donation is critical to the French Chamber Foundation and its 3 Lunch Clubs. Your contribution will help us to continue our work and further develop our employment services to actively help our members to be lifted out of poverty.

Thierry Neveux, Asia Pacific Director of Moulin Roty has contributed to the French Chamber Foundation during the evening:

« It is a pleasure to support the French Chamber Foundation because we feel it provides efficient care giving in a very accountable and down to earth manner. We even hired someone via the Lunch Club, a hard-working and committed senior lady whom everyone loves in the office, so it’s really the way to go to assist people in need here in our home, Hong Kong. ” Thierry Neveux, Moulin Roty

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