[Share Your Ideas But Never Lose Your Vision]

[Share Your Ideas But Never Lose Your Vision]

It was an honor to be invited to the wine-dinner hosted by Edwige Murguet from @ JinGarrigue Wine Hong Kong –what a joyful and meaningful night!

MIW appreciates the opportunity to share our vision in order to raise awareness for our unique group of beneficiaries, who have been working hard for all their lives but are still facing difficult situations.

If you want to help us make an impact in the community and aid our neighbors are in need, here’s a great opportunity to do so! From now until 31st August, when you order from JinGarrigue Hong Kong wines online 

https://www.jingarriguewine.com/order.html , 20% of all proceeds will be donated to support MAKE IT WORK HK programmes! 


Make It Work HK