[Phyllis’s letter ]

[Phyllis’s letter ]

Phyllis was born into a big family and sadly, some of her family members experience chronic illness, making life hard. With strength and optimism, Phyllis works hard to seek a part-time job on weekends so she can alleviate her family’s financial burden. MIW services have provided a lot of support for her to help her achieve this, and we are humbled to share this thank you letter Phyllis wrote to the French Chamber Foundation:

“Dear French Chamber Foundation, 

Thank you for your love and support.

I truly appreciate the Foundation’s support of the MIW programme, by providing employment opportunities and the free meals. Their support is definitely an oasis to us in these difficult times.

We have all suffered from the pandemic, no matter the livelihood and the economic environment in the city, unemployment and living issues have gotten worse, we are living frustratedly for life.

Despite having a hard time, I am grateful to have the support from the Foundation to give a helping hand to overcome our adversity. I wish MIW can organize more trainings which we can obtain advanced knowledge of employment & job skills, and to have more leisure activities for us in our spare time.

I wish all the staff from the Foundation and MIW happy work and good health. 

Yours faithfully,


Phyllis drew the pastel art works as a gift for all of our staff

We hope Phyllis can successfully find an ideal career and live a peaceful and happy life!

Make It Work HK