Multi Generational Support

Multi Generational Support

Ar Ho’s Story (Wanchai Centre beneficiary)

Ar Ho, a third year university student, had been raised by his grandmother ever since his parents divorced when he was young. Growing up, the two were extremely close and developed a deep relationship with one another. A few years ago, his grandmother passed away and he has since lived alone, working hard at his studies and part-time jobs to make ends meet.

He had been working in the catering industry but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been out of work since the New Year. He now lives in a capsule room; his life, studies, and mental wellbeing have all been hit hard by his circumstances.

Facing the weight of his situation, Ar Ho sought help from our Wan Chai MakeItWork (MIW) Centre. There, he was able to get free hot meals, reducing some of his living expenses. His self-esteem is also gradually improving; he feels that he has the ability to face any challenge and overcome this difficult time. Through the Centre, Ar Ho has also befriended other beneficiaries, and the MIW staff and volunteers. He himself also volunteers now from time to time.

He is very thankful to have come across MIW and he hopes that he can also do his part to uplift others in the community during this time.

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