Migration and Family

Migration and Family

Ah Yung’s Story (Wanchai centre beneficiary)

Ah-yung first met her Korean husband while working at a restaurant where he was a chef. After they got married, they had a daughter and she became a full-time housewife. Unfortunately, her husband lost his job. With the language and cultural barriers, he had trouble finding a new job and they applied for the government’s Comprehensive Social Assistance Scheme to support their basic needs. Meanwhile, her husband returned to Korean to stay for a while.

With Ah-yung’s daughter beginning primary school, she decided to go back to work to raise her on her own. She was referred to MakeItWork (MIW) through her church and our staff soon referred her to a job as a part-time cleaner at a high-end Spa and Fitness Centre. At first, she was worried she would not be able to cope with her new work, but her boss was satisfied with her performance. She also enjoys her work environment and gets along with her colleagues.

She is grateful for MIW’s help; not only for her new career, but also for the encouragement she received from the staff that enabled her to find a new direction in life, improve her confidence and help her earn a better living for her family.

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