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Mr Wong, recruited by Baseline, member of the French Chamber of Commerce

Among the people recently helped by the French Chamber Foundation, the case of Mr Wong is a rather particular one. After three years without a stable job, his situation was finally put back on track thanks to Baseline, a member of the French Chamber in Hong Kong.

Baseline – a French Lighting Design Studio- is providing lighting consultancy services to all kind of industries including hotels, fashion & luxury retail sector as well as residential. When he learnt about the situation of Mr. Wong who had quit his previous job to assist his ill mother, Boris Duhamel, the founder of Baseline, was deeply moved and decided to give him a chance. Since May, Mr. Wong has started to work as a part-time office assistant at Baseline. A great example of solidarity and expertise brought by the French Chamber of Commerce in helping the needy people to improve their livelihoods.

Ms Lam and Mr Choi, bringing hope to a couple in need

Facing a dead-end situation, Ms Lam visited the Lunch Club in Tsuen Wan seeking help. She found support and assistance thanks to the social worker who encouraged her and helped to solve her desperate situation.

When Ms. Lam’s grandmother recently passed away, there was a risk that she and her husband would have to leave the public housing apartment they shared with her. Ms. Lam’s husband had already lost his job as a bus driver after suffering a heart attack, creating a very precarious financial situation for the couple. Through the contact with the Lunch Club, a solution was eventually found in March 2018 with a position of swimming pool cleaners for both of them and a stable monthly income which allows them to make ends meet.

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