[Lantern Festival love warms the heart]

[Lantern Festival love warms the heart]

On the 15th day of the first lunar month, the Chinese community celebrates the Lantern Festival, which means conveying the message of love. Make it Work held a Lantern Festival event for members and their families at our service centre at Shek Yam Missionary Baptist Church in Tsuen Wan on that day. Activities include members and families working together to create mineral stone art; riddle games; lucky draws and enjoying delicious food, etc. There were 60 members and guests present, including Cartier’s volunteer team.

In addition, it was also the Launch Ceremony of the “Family-Friendly Employment Support Program”. French Chamber Foundation Honorary President Ms. Cecilia Cheung, President Luc Moulin, and Board member Mr. Thomas FELD, presented a cheque to Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services Mr. Raymond Chiu, Chief Executive Officer; also thanks to Oi Kwan for providing more services to Make It Work, assisting members to enhance their employment opportunities, thereby improving their living conditions, and give them chances to raise their social status.

The “Family-Friendly Employment Support Program” is a service project specifically targeted at women’s employment, providing on-the-job training, and providing childcare services, so that women can have more opportunities to return to the job market in addition to taking care of their families.

In the meantime, two members shared how they benefited from this project; and presented a dragon painting to the French Chamber Foundation as a souvenir. The “Lantern Festival Love Warms the Heart” event ended in a joyful atmosphere.



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