[Keep calm and carry on]

Single-parent families with limited resources face many pressures: social, financial and the ever-judging and unfriendly voices of society. This tension and negativity are a heavy burden on such families.

Being a single parent is one of the most difficult jobs – juggling between caring for a child while working hard to pay high rents. Shan is a single mother who needed to stop working to take care of her little daughter and soon felt the squeeze with bills mounting and rent always looming. Shan said: “No matter how hard my life is, as long as my daughter can grow up healthy and happily, this is more than enough.” Such a simple dream seems far away from her while she’s now at what feels like the bottom of the barrel. 

Though exhausted, Shan refused to be defeated and reached out to MIW. Through MIW she gained the resources and community she needed to help her develop opportunities and help to get through these difficult times. 

Shan is a very tough mother, and we truly believe single-parent families with limited resources deserve everyone’s applause and respect. MIW is assisting Shan to obtain more resources and provide emotional support to help her work towards a better life. 

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