Humans of the French Chamber Foundation

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Discover our new Facebook page ‘Humans of the French Chamber Foundation’ sharing the stories of people who make this project relevant.

Clementine Pons, Certified professional coach, specialized in public speaking

“The way you pitch a project is decisive in order to get new opportunities. You may have sometimes only a couple of minutes to convince someone and it is even more crucial when it comes to a charity because people lives are at stake.

I arrived in Hong Kong very recently and I love the city and its communities. I attended last February‘s cocktail at the Residence of the Consul General of France and I was moved by the testimony of Lilly, a beneficiary of the Foundation from Mong Kok. I did not hesitate one second: I asked Jean Baptiste Dabadie, the President of the Foundation, in what ways I could help him. As an actress, I try to help people improving their public speaking skills. Helping board and staff members to introduce the Foundation would be my contribution to this meaningful project.”

Like Clementine, we hope you can share your skills and expertise with us and contribute to our initiative!

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