「Save For A Rainy Day – Financial management workshop 」

「Save For A Rainy Day – Financial management workshop 」

Being able to manage your personal finance is a necessary life skill for everyone. However, some of the MIW members think that since they don’t earn high enough incomes, managing their finances does not matter as much. But the truth is no matter how much you are earning; proper financial management is essential.


We noted that some of our members were facing different financial problems like overspending, accruing debt, unsuccessful investments etc. To help with this, we invited financial professional, Jack, to meet our members online and share personal finance tips and techniques with them on how to manage their earnings more effectively. They learnt how to increase their income through changing daily habits and recording their spending, improving their savings, investing and taking on other part-time work.


Through Jack’s own experience, storytelling, statistical analysis, and images, our members now better understand the concept and importance of financial management.


We believe that with more education on personal finance, our members will be better equipped to plan for a more financially sustainable future and end the cycle of intergenerational poverty!

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