[Women’s Day – Women fighting hard times – Work To Recover]

[Women’s Day – Women fighting hard times – Work To Recover]

On international Women’s Day, it should be emphasized that women in Hong Kong have been especially hit hard by the COVID recession.

One example is Belle, who used to have a stable career and a respectable job, but who became depressed and lost her motivation following a big shock in her life and the loss of her job.

Fortunately, Bell joined a Make It Work center and our social worker Pauline Chan recommended she take ERB courses to be able to start working in anew industry. 

She was also encouraged to cultivate a new hobby in floral design to regain some motivation in life. Recently she participated in a hand-made products market at the center, where her signature chocolate bouquets were very popular. She mentioned that this success has helped her regain her confidence. 

Belle’s life has started to bounce back !



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