[The rainbow comes after the storm]

Kwun has been working part-time or in temporary jobs since he was forced to leave his clerical position more than a decade ago. Recently he even worked through physical pain in cleaning jobs, was even underpaid while doing it. Now physically unable to work long hours, he is worried he is getting too old and lacks employability in the market.

Many part-time and temporary jobs do not provide adequate working equipment or employee insurance protection to help people like Kwun. Often, when an accident happens, physical and mental impairment will have a lifetime impact. This impact is symbolized through Kwun’s choice of a rainbow to represent how he feels: “The beauty of a rainbow soon disappears.” 

At MIW we also believe that a rainbow appears after the rain, and always brings joy and happiness to those who see it. To being more joy and hope to Kwun, MIW referred Kwun to many temporary jobs and shared with him basic labor laws. We hope Kwun now knows we are here to help him become confident again and find a role where he can thrive, and to see the difficulties in his career journey as the rain before the rainbow. 

Picture source: Yuwa Tsang

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