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As part of the IB course, the French International School aims to push all students to leave their comfort zones by taking part in CAS, a programme which stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service. By partaking in various projects both to help the local community and tackle global issues, pupils like ourselves also get involved in long term projects such as our charity work in the French Chamber Foundation.

This organisation gave us the opportunity to contribute by giving back to Hong Kong, by working on different projects throughout the year, such as writing articles, helping out at Lunch Clubs, taking part in the French Chamber Foundation Gala, and other thought-provoking activities.

We are very thankful to the Foundation for allowing us to be more engaged with the local community and hence seeing Hong Kong through different eyes. This year was unforgettable, every week full of meaningful encounters and learning experiences. We were able to fully involve ourselves in trying to improve the livelihoods of thousands of people in Hong Kong.

Eden Bensadoun and Mishel Andrashuna from the French International School

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