Success Stories: Thank you to the FCCIHK’s members

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Success stories in 4 Lunch Clubs


Wan Chai and VE Interactive

Ms Chan, a 39-year old woman with a bachelor degree in Biochemistry and master degree in Cellular Pathology, had difficulties finding suitable jobs after her graduation. She was working in a tutoring centre in the afternoon session and would like to earn extra money in the morning. She was introduced to Indy Yeung, Employment services coordinator, for an administrative assistant position in VE Interactive company. After the interview, she has been hired by VE Interactive. The role fits her very much as it is required to work in the morning on a part-time basis.


Mong Kok and On the List

Ms Lau, a 21 year-old youngster, obtained a certificate in Occupational Therapy Assistant Training via the help of Mong Kok Lunch Club. However, Ms. Lau would like to apply for temporary jobs at the moment to take good care of her mother. With the facilitation of French Chamber and BOKSS, she was hired as the temporary job Sales Assistant role in On the List and she started on 25th August 2017.


Kwun Tong

Mr. Law, a 58-year-old man, a father of two children in a one-parent family was unemployed for years in order to take care of his children. As his children have grown up, he could now find a job to cover their living expenses. Through our Lunch Club service, he is now employed as a full-time night-shift security guard.


Tsuen Wan

Ms. Ho worked for clerk work for many years but she had to quit her job to take care of her family. After finishing an ERB course, she improved her skills. Eventually, she found a full-time Office Assistant work in a university and started working in June.

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