Success stories!

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Success stories in Kwun Tong & Mong Kok

Kwun Tong

One of our Lunch Club attendees had been working in a temporary part-time position in the catering industry, but she was searching for a full-time job in order to have more stability. We arranged an interview for a waitress job in Causeway Bay, which turned out to be unsuitable because of the significant travel distance. After further exploring her options, we were able to set up an interview for a position in the hospital cafeteria in Kwun Tong. She seized this opportunity and has been working there since early October.

Mong Kok

After a long time of unemployment, one of our lunch club attendees needed employment assistance as he did not know how to start finding a job. Thanks to the FCF advice about the working environment and labour, he has found a new job as a full time security officer.

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