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We were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview one of our beneficiaries, Carrie, aged 55.  

What do you work as and how much do you earn from your job? “I am a part time office cleaner and housekeeper for four years. I earn HKD$7000 per month only.”  

Where and who do you live with? “I live in Aberdeen public housing with my mother and my brother.”  

What is the household income? “Our household income is around HKD$18,000 including my mother’s old age allowance and brother’s salary. However, the expenditure of the family is very high too with my mother’s medical expenses. It’s especially hard with me having a responsibility to look after my mother because it restrains me from doing a full-time job with fixed hours.”  

How did the lunch club help you? “The lunch club finally helped me find another part-time job to increase my salary income. In the process, the lunch club’s social worker helped me enhance my confidence and strength during the interview sessions. I will be starting a new part time sales in the coming June and this will help me to increase HKD$3000 salary income per month and widen my job opportunities.”

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