Interview with Kwun Tong Swatow Church, operator of the fourth lunch club since October 2016

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Interview with Kwun Tong Swatow Church, operator of the fourth lunch club since October 2016

Conversation with KK Lam, Sam Chui and Marco Liu, 15/3/2017, Kwun Tong Lunch Club

How has the Lunch Club been going since the opening last October?

KK Lam: It has been doing well since the opening last October. I think we can divide into 3 stages: mid-October, early November and February. As we started in the industrial area in the beginning, our members’ base was mainly industrial workers.

We then moved to the new location near Tsui Ping Estate, which attracts many public housing inhabitants and we continue to grow our member base. After Chinese New Year, the Lunch Club now has a stable member base and everything is on track.

Thanks to Sam, many posters were put in the public estates. One interesting fact is many people know our lunch club because of our job information session, which further build up our member base.

What are your duties in the Lunch Club?

KK Lam:  Acting as an experienced director in property management companies and served as a Kwun Tong District Councillor for 17 years before, I am in charge of the job matching for the lunch club. Besides organizing events and seminars for our members, I am handling the operation and logistics part of the lunch club.

Sam Chui:  It is a pleasure working with KK Lam and I provide the administrative and IT support for our lunch club. I oversee the distribution of lunchboxes and coordinate with Food Angel. I also handle the updates on the Facebook page and designs the posters for marketing use.

Marco Liu: I am the main contact with the French Chamber Foundation, providing daily operation support with Sam.

What are the achievements of the Lunch Club?

Marco Liu: The Lunch Club serves as a social oasis to the Kwun Tong community. Its lovely environment and friendly staff give a warm heaven for the beneficiaries during lunch time. It also brings a closer relationship between our church and the community. Many lunch club members develop a sense of belonging and make friends here.

What is your vision of the lunch club?

Marco Liu: Our vision is to provide support to the working poor that the government could not reach. We envision the members will continue to form their social circles here and they can enjoy a peaceful environment during their lunchtime. We are also looking forward to cooperate with more NGOs as we are continuously building up our connections since the opening of the lunch club. We are thankful to the French Chamber Foundation and definitely looking for another 6 months.

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