[Finally, HK to drop mask rules after 3 years!]

[Finally, HK to drop mask rules after 3 years!]

During the peak period of the epidemic we still remember, our Make It Work HK team hoping to do their best to help the vulnerable groups. We collected and distributed Covid masks and rapid antigen test kits to the members. We are proud to have donated more than 30,000 anti-epidemic supplies.

During the 5th wave of the epidemic, we cooperated with different organizations that hired 7 unemployed members as “Care Ambassadors” in the form of temporary work. They helped with packaging and distributing anti-virus material bags (including daily necessities, food, and epidemic prevention materials etc.). More than 200 beneficiaries including elderly people living alone and people with physical disabilities were served all around Hong Kong; This helped to enhance the employment opportunities, but also spread our care to help other people in need.

We’re so happy to finally be able to see your beautiful smiles once again !

Part of picture source: HKCSS Channel

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