[A positive mindset can overcome all challenges]

Pat is an optimistic and enthusiastic person who loves laughing. However, her bubbly and
high-spirited personality belies the story of hardship that she had to go through: Pat is an
only parent to her little daughter and takes care of two elderly parents at home as well. She
works as a cleaner for multiple shops during the day, and at night she goes home to
continue cleaning, doing housework and cooking dinner for her family. Though life hasn’t
been easy for Pat, she continues to work hard without complaining.
Over the past few years, Pat has learned to stay calm and optimistic in the face of
difficulties. Her shining positivity and contagious laughter make her colleagues and family
always want to be around her.
To improve her work options, Pat joined the MIW “Seek-for-a-job Workshop” and “Interview
Skills Training Workshop”. MIW was also able to offer Pat a free lunch and face masks to
help relieve some small financial burden. We feel confident with these new skills and her
positive mindset, Pat has a bright future ahead.

Make It Work HK