A Mother sharing the burden

Yoyo’s Story (Tsuen Wan centre beneficiary)

Our last post shared the story of Ah Shun. This week we will introduce his mother, Yoyo. Yoyo, in her fifties, has suffered from chronic disease for years. Although Ah Shun supports her living, with the current instability of the catering industry, his income has become unstable and insufficient at times. Yoyo tried many times to find a part-time job to help ease their financial burden, but it has been in vain due to the restraints of her physical condition.

With her son unemployed during the pandemic, Yoyo goes to the MakeItWork (MIW) Centre quite often for support. Not only has she found emotional support through people who are willing to listen, the hot meals and food packages have also helped relieve some of the financial burden on her family. The encouragement from the MIW Staff and other Centre members has inspired her to face her situation fearlessly. In July, she was able to find a part-time job and prove that she is still able to work. Through one-on-one learning at the MIW Centre through Zoom, she can continue to learn and increase her competitiveness in the workforce even during the pandemic. She is grateful for the support and comfort of the Centre and feels hopeful about the future.

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